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Welcome to the website of the Experimental Research Laboratory at the UNSW Australia Business School. The ASB Lab is a cross-disciplinary laboratory that hosts a range of human subject experiments exploring decision making in business and economics.

The ASB Lab is used by academics and research students across all of the schools within the Business School.

The ASB Lab laboratory is a research-only facility that contains 32 fixed touchscreen workstations, a 20 person negotiation table with a corresponding number of laptops and movable dividers, and a private observation area. The ASB Lab also has instruments available for bio-physiological measurement. These instruments include: three eye trackers that record eye movements several hundreds of times per second, EEG equipment that allows for contemporaneous skin-conductance measurement, EKG, and EEG monitoring.

Participate in experiments

Students wishing to participate in experiments can register here. You will be taken to the signup page.